Learning Networks – D12 State-of-the-art of Related Technologies

The document describes the results of a study into the State-of-the-art of various e-learning technologies. This study was conducted as a part of the Alfanet project, the main goal of which was to build an e-learning system that would take advantage of the new internet related techniques, human interaction, and machine learning, to allow:

a) organisation personnel to have interactive, adaptive and personalised e-learning experiences bringing them the opportunity to learn and experiment on matters that are relevant for their work.

b) organisations to control and efficiently manage intellectual capital, promoting the evolution of employees in specialised & multidisciplinary areas for their work.

In addition the project aimed at contributing to the educational standardisation efforts for adaptive education and at defining a business model for e-learning.

Bron: Learning Networks – D12 State-of-the-art of Related Technologies

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