Bloggercon II terugblik #2

Meer terugblikken op Bloggercon II (deel 1 verscheen gisteren).

Feedster heeft een overzicht, en ook bouwt een lijst reactie op. Gisteren een paar kritische opmerkingen, dan nu maar een paar positieve:

BloggerCon II was terrific–better than the first, because there were no panels..rather, there were rooms with leaders, and there was lots of good discussion among a crew of committed, funny, insightful, and creative folks.. (bron). BloggerCon II was a success, and Joey and I spent a lovely day together yesterday. (bron), Had a surprisingly good time at BloggerCon in Boston this weekend. Met a lot of genuinely nice and smart people and learned a whole lot of things. (bron), Thank you, Dave! It was a wonderful meeting. Dave could have spent his time on other projects, but instead we got this gift. It didn’t have to happen that way, and for that I’m grateful. (bron)

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