“After being convinced that many of the posts I had written and nearly all the comments and conversations had been lost, backed up by comments and customer support messages, Typepad have come through smelling of roses.
Despite my dippiness in deleting a whole blog – and despite my admittedly stressed out and pee-ed off posts – someone in SixApart spent the time to find my blog in their archive and export it to text – something I now know how to do myself in the web application. Lucy sent it to me this morning from Typepad HQ. I can’t be more grateful for a company with so many users to make an obviously exceptional effort to find one (slightly jaded) customer’s copy. As many have pointed out before, this is why Loic and his team have been so successful in Europe.”


Kijk Servage, zo scoor je bij je klanten! Is net zo belangrijk als veel schijfruimte en dataverkeer.

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Hmja, goed en goedkoop gaat niet altijd samen. Als ik overstap zal ik dan ook een host in NL nemen alleen al door het lagere aanbod wat makkelijker te vergelijken is.